My Style and Approach

Weddings to me are about capturing the emotions people experience on the day, from the nervous excitement when you’re getting ready and checking all the little details are in place, the oh so special emotions during the ceremony, the laughter with your loved ones and the quieter moments when it’s just the two of you. I want to capture your story through honest, natural, modern images that will bring back those special memories for years to come.


Throughout the day I work behind the scenes capturing natural, documentary style images with some romantic portraits of the two of you taken in a relaxed, fun style to show how amazing you looked! The portrait shoot is a lovely opportunity to spend some time together - let it sink in that, yes, you just got married! The realisation gives you that warm glow helping you with those romantic shots that you'll most likely be nervous of.


Weddings are where all your closest friends and family come together. They will be honoured to be taking part in your special day and will be looking their best, so I'll also make sure to capture great images of your guests too! It's important to me that I fit around your day, so in any spare moments I'll be photographing all the little details that make your wedding unique. 


My job is to tell the story of your special day in pictures, and to me the day starts when it's not too early to be drinking bucks fizz - hehe! I'll be capturing all the little details you have lovingly planned for many months, not forgetting the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready and the laddish antics between the groom and his groomsmen. A popular time to start is around 10/11am and I'll officially end my day shortly after your first dance. However, it has been known for me to stay till the early hours of the morning... Every wedding is different, so we would plan and confirm coverage at a pre-wedding consultation to be sure that you are happy.

''I don't like having my photo taken'' - everyone

I’m well aware that having a camera pointed at you can be very unnerving, but I work hard to be unobtrusive and make sure you feel confident and relaxed. Looking your best is key, because if we’re honest about it, we all want to look good in photos - especially on such an important day.



The best photos are when people feel comfortable enough to be themselves


As a professional I am there to take beautiful photos of people, but to create these photos I take the time to build trust with all who are involved. Shooting unobtrusively and knowing when to step back to capture those natural reactions is usually the best way to photograph people to get real emotion - this is my specialty.

Free pre-wedding consultation shoot


I’ve yet to meet a bride and groom who take bad photos - trust me - once your wedding day arrives, the flowers are ready, the dress is hanging, and the rings are safe then all of a sudden you're married to the love of your life - you’ll soon forget that I’m even there. This is why I now offer a mini pre-wedding consultation shoot! I love doing these as I get to know you both so much more behind the lens from just a 15 minute shoot - although sometimes I've been known to take up to an hour, but only because we all had so much fun!


It’s a great opportunity to show you how easy it is when you're in the hands of a professional, especially if this is something either one of you are worried about. This is completely at no extra charge and many of my couples have used these photos for their wedding invites! Even if you decide not to use me as your photographer - there is no obligation!

All it takes is a little guidance to relax


During shoots I’ll make sure you're feeling at ease and give you tips on how to relax if you need them. My favourite relaxation tip (which you can try now with your partner) is to close your eyes, relax your mouth and forehead, breathe through your nose then gently smile and open your eyes. It works!

I’ll also be your back up wedding planner!


Honestly! By the time your day comes I'll know the schedule like the back of my hand - I’ll even know that great-grandma needs to hold onto someone during the formal shoot and can make sure that the shots she’s included in are done quickly. It’s useful to have someone nearby who knows what's going on, especially when the bride is running behind (“fashionably late”) and the groom needs to be reassured that she hasn’t changed her mind and is on her way! I tend to get in touch a week before your wedding to confirm the schedule and to make sure there haven’t been any changes.

Nobody prints photos anymore... dont worry, I have you covered!


My signature wooden box is included in all the packages I offer. It holds a matching wooden USB drive and some prints. Yes, actual prints that you can hold and look through whenever you like. Not only will the box look great on a mantlepiece but you can show people some of the best wedding photos without having to go on some sort of device. I know it's a little old fashioned, but sometimes it's the simple pleasures in life that stand out. You'll also have your own password protected gallery online, so not only will you be able to share your photos with your friends, you'll also be able to log in on your phone while your out to reminisce (again)! You can share the gallery with your guests - they will be able to download any photos free of charge, or order prints if they prefer.

If I'm the wedding photographer you've been looking for, make sure to check out the wedding price list and then fill out the enquiries form here. Please include the necessary information and ask any questions that you already have. I will reply within 48 hours, but in the meantime, feel free to look at my latest work on my blog, Instagram feed or Facebook page. I look forward to hearing from you.