VSCC Trials
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11 April 2018
By Michael White Photography

This was a first for me in a couple of ways - My first experience at a VSCC (Vintage Sports Car Club) event and also my first ever press pass! The VSCC Trials isn't really a spectator event, though I was given the opportunity to take some photographs solely for the experience. Even though it was ruddy cold, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to shoot another event like this!


There were over 100 pre war cars battling the muddy & rocky stages deep in the hills of Herefordshire to see who could go fastest. I met many new faces who I kept bumping into at different stages, and even though the temperature was minus something, no heating or even roofs on most cars, the icy wind cutting through no matter how many layers you had - everyone was still smiling and were just lovely to talk to...even the marshals were still smiling by the end of the day - though I think they were ready to sit by the fire with a cuppa! If you're reading this and went to the Goodwood 76mm - you'll understand how cold it was! The VSCC has been providing competitive and social events all over the UK since 1934 and host/join many events throughout the year. More information about the VSCC here


I hope you enjoy going through my photos and if anyone part of the VSCC would like a photo for personal use from this event you're welcome to one free digital file at no charge :) Please credit me if shared. Also, if you have a spare seat I know a guy who'd be up for a ride... :P

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