Flywheel Festival 2017
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20 June 2018
By Michael White Photography

If you've never been to Bicester Heritage before, then I strongly recommend the Flywheel Festival as a great event to start with. You will not be disappointed! 

I realised the other day that I never shared many of my photos from Flywheel Festival 2017, so thought - better late than never!

Bicester Heritage was founded in 2013 on the site of a 1920's RAF base which includes 50 red brick buildings, 19 of which are listed. You'll also find 11 areas of Scheduled Ancient Monuments. There are now over 30 specialist businesses for the historic vehicle sector making it the largest centre in the industry. Flywheel Festival is a 2 day event where you'll find a vast array of vehicles on land and in the sky, with races, stalls, music, period costumes and even WWII tank rides! It's fantastic for all ages! Just a heads up - unfortunately you'll have to leave the furry ones behind as it's an active airfield so dogs are not permitted on site (with the exception of guide dogs). If you're thinking of going, make sure you buy in advance to save a few bob - plus then you can use the change for some ice cream. If you're driving in a classic, you'll have access to a separate car park which is always full of an incredible range of vehicles (worth going just to see them!).


This was the first time I had visited Bicester Heritage, I went on a father and son day out with my (then) 1 year old and as per usual, I couldn't go without taking my camera. So please enjoy my coverage, and do keep in mind I was also making sure my son didn't get up to too much mischief...


To start with, I got up close and personal to some of the vehicles that were preparing to be tested to their limit around the timed race track. You'll also notice how well the old RAF buildings create fantastic backdrops - these have become quite iconic already from photographers like Amy Shore.

One of my highlights was definitely this stunning, one of a kind 1965 Bentley T Type SSS-C2 which was created 40 years ago by Barry Elastic. Great history behind this - it was taken overseas to the USA and then brought back by Barry's son. It was fabulous to see and the sound was just delicious!

Who doesn't like a collection of steering wheel photos...

There were many shapes and sizes when it came to the motorbikes. The one that stood out for me was a 1931 Peugeot P50 with a radial engine! (first image below) It perfectly suited the Flywheel Festival really when you think about it. Check out @whohareswins on instagram to see more of this classic motorbike - it's really not for the faint-hearted when riding... #CarefulOfYourNutsAndBolts 

Just a few of many cars that flew around the track

Always a proud moment when you know your son is already a petrol head, plus having lunch while sitting in the shade of a WWII Grasshopper plane was kinda special really. He definitely enjoyed his day out, there was so much to see and hear...he even helped me take a few photos...they were mainly unintentional though hehe.

A fantastic display of a Spitfire and Messerschmitt flying over our heads - and the!

This British WWI biplane (BE2E - correct me if I'm wrong) was a superb machine to see displayed with documents that dated back to WWI, I wish I had made more time to read them..."come back here Zach" need I say more!?


There was such a variety of aviation vehicles including a B52 bomber which you could also have a walk inside!

The details that went into some of the displays and costumes were fantastic and all the people were very friendly to approach, even when holding rifles...

This stunning Ferrari Dino was just one of many vehicles displayed in member groups and the number plate matched perfectly...mmm indeed!

So to finish off the day, a walk around the visitor's classic car park was a fab way to see the variety of cars that people came in. 

Thanks so much for your time looking through my photos, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed taking them. I'm going to try to go again this year which will be 23rd - 24th June, but I'm at a wedding on Saturday so aiming for a family day out on the Sunday. Let me know if you're going and want to meet up for a chat, always nice to meet fellow photographers or if you just like my work.


If you would like to purchase any of these images please get in touch. Also, if you recommend me to a couple about a wedding and they book me in, you get a free large print from any of my photos - just a way of me saying thank you!


Until next time

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