Emma's Woodland Adventure
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27 January 2017
By Michael White Photography

Meet Emma. She was only 15 months old when we did this shoot a few months ago, but already has an adventurous and wild heart as you will see in the following photos. We went to a Warwick woodland called Hay Wood and were surrounded by tall trees with their freshly dropped leaves. Emma and I had a lot of fun playing with her favourite toys, not forgetting her constant companion, Bear.


The idea of this shoot was to capture this little lady in her element - her own, newly developed imagination. I did the whole shoot with my 70-200mm lens so I was able to be far enough away not to distract her. As you can tell by some of the angles, I was still finding leaves stuck to my clothes when I got home from lying on the ground!


I hope you enjoy seeing our shoot below. I’ve been told Mum, Dad and Grandparents absolutely love the photos and have proudly displayed them at home. They’ve also updated their phone backgrounds with these lovely shots – which at the end of the day is why I do what I do, knowing people are enjoying my work on a daily basis is the best reward!


So here’s Emma’s little adventure with Bear in the woods…

A little girl called Emma was looking for the perfect friend and went searching in the woods.

Some helpful fireflies lit her lamp and guided her through the dense forest.

She looked here, she looked there, and finally there he was! A lovely soft teddy bear!

Emma and Bear took Baby for a little walk in the pram – they even did some watering.

Next it was time for tea – there was plenty to go around and Bear loved it.

After tea it was time to find Mummy and go home. What a lovely day in the woods!

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Caroline - Michael, we loved the way you captured my granddaughter at play in her own imaginary world! We love these photos of Emma, they are so precious!. Thanks so much!
Alison Davies - So lovely ... thanks Mike for such a beautiful set of photo's. Good job!!
Francine - Wow Michael you have certainly captured this bundle of fun in the woods just right. She's my Great Niece and it was fantastic seeing her at Christmas. I'm sure her Great Grandparents will also want a framed picture of one of these, and perhaps her Great Nana may want a booklet of these photo's of her.
Thank you so much for your amazing photography capturing my Great Niece. Keep shooting and telling the stories. . . Kind Regards Francine