Know your photographer

My history and journey to becoming a photographer


I was 5 years old when my story officially started with my forever parents adopting me. I grew up with them in a small town in the Midlands and “secretly” borrowed my dad’s SLR film cameras to play with! I’ve always been passionate about creativity throughout my school years where I was a keen artist and musician. I sang in the Blue Coat School choir and also played clarinet in their orchestra - we played in some incredible locations - including St. Marks Cathedral in Venice. Taking part was also special as it's where I met my childhood sweetheart whom I now call wife! I was blessed with fantastic teachers and parents who always had faith in me and guided me in the right direction - ending up at Sheffield Hallam University where I received my BA Honours degree in Fine Art & Photography (film and digital).


I love animals! Thankfully so does Ali (my wife) especially given that she's a vet. We've had Howie (a Springer Spaniel) since he was a puppy - they are so much fun! He has perfected his photography poses now when I get the camera out - you have to watch that he doesn't photobomb if you are taking one without him! When we moved to Coventry a few years ago, Ali had a small malnourished cat handed into work, and after a few weeks being kept at work with no owner in sight we decided to adopt her - luckily she gets on with Howie, even joining us on walks sometimes!

 I have had a few jobs in the design industry as an art-worker whilst building up my photography business. I found working with designers has helped my photography style, especially when shooting commercial work producing brochures and adverts - designers LOVE a bit of negative space! Michael White Photography officially started in 2007 with my first wedding, and over the next few years I went on to do many more in addition to my "day job" while my photography style blossomed and became more and more popular. My final design job was for a sportswear company where I was given the chance to shoot with the Sky Sports programme 'School of Hard Knocks' and even got to take photos of well known people including Prince seriously, I even got a photo with him :)

One of my biggest passions is cars, preferably classic cars, but you could definitely call me a 'petrol head'. I love working on my 2 classics...most of the time! 

So I still currently own my first ever car, a 1984 Mini City called Mitsey, and I've had her since 2001. She's been on and off the road over the years, but she's been a pretty big part of my life - she took me to University, moved houses with me, and she not only attended our wedding, but she also drove us around for the day too - somehow managing to fit Ali's wedding dress in...phew!! Unfortunately, we will be saying a fond farewell to her soon as while the family gets bigger, I'll have less time to keep her going.

The other classic in question is our 1963 VW Splitscreen Campervan called Amble! We got her a year after our wedding and have already had so many adventures! The longest distance trip has to be when we went to Le Mans 24hr race - which was a very tiring journey averaging 55mph, but such an amazing experience, and she didn't miss a beat! We've had other long journeys when we first owned her, but they were down to broken clutches, broken suspension and even broken keys! But it's all part of the adventure, and we love it! Thankfully after a lot of work, she's now a reliable old lady! We're even renting her out for weddings in the Midlands - give me a call if you're interested!

I finally took a leap of faith into the world of self employment in 2014 and here I am, taking photos for a living! Its not all location shoots in beautiful places, there's a lot of work involved running a business, but I wouldn't change it for the world. To add to the learning curve I became a dad in 2016...which changed everything again!

Since then its been another kind of whirlwind! I genuinely love what I do and its such an honour to be doing what I enjoy as a full time job. Even though what started as a hobby is now my profession, I still make sure I go out with my camera to take photos for myself as I’d hate photography to become a chore. I try to fit in some traveling now and then, I most recently went to Northern Italy touring around Venice and the Dolomite mountains. If you have a look at my travel gallery, you can now purchase your very own prints. I love seeing people enjoy my work and hanging it on their own walls as a focus for their own memories - it makes it so worthwhile.

I’m always looking for something that inspires me - whether that be a photograph, a painting, music or just taking Howie for a walk. After all - inspiration comes from the heart.


I hope you enjoyed learning more about me and look forward to hearing from you